Message for Unincorporated Washoe County Businesses

Below is a link to a document to be used by Washoe County Business License holders to determine your operating status. As the information can change based on direction from the Governor the most updated version can be found at Reno.Gov/COVID19.

COVID-19 Business Operations Guide

Due to health and safety concerns for the public in light of COVID-19, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and his administration took actions starting on March 17, 2020 with regard to the operations of essential and non-essential businesses. The COVID-19 Business Operations Guide attached summarizes operational restrictions and mandatory closures for certain types of businesses during this public health emergency. Restrictions remain in effect until April 16, 2020 and are based on the following State guidelines and directives:

1. March 20, 2020 Declaration of Emergency Directive 003;
2. March 17, 2020 Nevada Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative;
3. March 18, 2020 Memorandum on mining, construction, and manufacturing industry sectors; and
4. March 22, 2020 Memorandum regarding beer, wine and liquor sales.

This document also provides additional guidance and details for minimum operating requirements. Businesses should also follow any guidelines from licensing or governing authorities for their particular field. Please take this advisement as an opportunity to comply with the Governor’s order. The State of Nevada is under a State of Emergency, and our collective success relies on how quickly we can minimize the spread of COVID-19 within the community.

A list of “non-essential” businesses is located within the attached document. If your business category has been determined “non-essential” please do not contact Washoe County to inquire about exceptions, interpretations, or perceived loopholes within the attached directives. If your business is non-essential, it should be closed pursuant to the Governor’s directive.


Additional Resources for Businesses:

  • Small Business Support: Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster assistancein response to CoronavirusFacebook Small Business Grants Program
  • Facebook: Facebook knows that your business may be experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. They’ve heard that a little financial support can go a long way, so they are offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time. Visit Facebook Small Business Grantsfor more information
  • Business Resiliency Plan:  The Nevada Small Business Development Center (Nevada SBDC) Business Resiliency Toolkit includes a small business resiliency plan and links to help small business owners plan for disruption from natural disasters to infrastructure failures to pandemics.
  • Bartenders Guild Grant:  The United States Bartenders Guild Foundation is offering grants to bartenders who are out of work due to COVID-19. Jameson whiskey donated $500,000 to the foundation to help with this grant. Bartenders, members or not, can apply here.