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Businesses in Washoe County

The Regional Information Center is providing guidance to Washoe County residents and businesses.

Starting June 1, 2021


June 1, 2021


Those who have completed the COVID-19 vaccine process (1 dose for Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, 2 doses for Pfizer and Moderna) and it’s been two weeks do not have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. A private business can require masks.

Social distancing

No social distance requirements.


Permit type

June 1, 2021


No restrictions.

Food & Beverage Establishments


No restrictions.


No restrictions.


Allowed to open with self service

Special Events/Large Gatherings

Events that have already had their plan approved by the State may reach out to WCHD-EHS to obtain permission to hold their event with less restrictions, fill out and submit this form. Contact with any questions. 

Newly planned events do not need an approved large gathering plan


Invasive Body Decoration

For procedures on the head/face staff must abide by rules for dental procedures (mouth rinse, wash hands, employee wearing mask and face shield)

Casinos/Large Resorts

Casinos and resorts that fall under oversight of SB-4/NAC447E still have to comply with applicable Governor’s Directives and the Regulations of the Washoe County District Board of Health Related to Sars-COV-2 and Public Accommodation Facilities.

 Based on updated COVID-19 information, Washoe County and the State may enact stricter COVID-19 measures. View the full plan here.

For more information on State COVID-19 directives, visit the Nevada COVID-19 Response website